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August 22, By antispam Leave a Comment Have you ever taken your car to a mechanic and seen him use some sort of scanning tool that hooks up to a port in your car? You might have found yourself dumbfounded at that moment, thinking that technology has come so far that diagnosing car problems only requires attaching a scanning device. In fact, all cars manufactured after come with an OBD-2 port.

This refers to the ability of any vehicle to report issues within the system.

OBD-II Trouble Code Technical Description. Throttle Position Sensor/Switch A Circuit Range/Performance Problem. What does that mean? This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is a generic powertrain code, which means that it applies to OBD-II equipped vehicles.

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Go here and read all about it. I’ll check the link. I appreciate the quick reply. Jim jimh , Jumpered 5 and 6, then turned the key to the on possition not starting it. Dash lights come on for a few seconds like normal, then SES light stays on.

Installing OBDLink in your vehicle Step 1: Locate the OBD-II diagnostic connector in your vehicle. The diagnostic connector is always located in or near the interior dashboard of your vehicle.

Most vehicles that have a tachometer will have a red line mark towards the top of the gauge to indicate that the engine speed has become excessive. What are the causes of the P code? Causes of the P code may include a faulty engine speed sensor or a faulty powertrain control module. The most common cause of this code is actually due to young drivers who want to drive fast and push their vehicle to its limits.

This code can also be caused by an inexperienced driver driving a vehicle with a manual transmission. On a vehicle with a manual transmission, the revolutions per minute of the crankshaft will continue to rise while the accelerator is being depressed until the driver shifts to the next gear.

Review of the ELM327 Bluetooth OBD-II Reader and the Torque Android App

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Global OBD Vehicle Communication Software Manual August EAZB43C Rev. A. ii Trademarks OBD-II has been compulsory on all vehicles in the US market since January EOBD (European On-Board Diagnostics) is the European equivalent to OBD-II. OBD-II Start-up Phase.

It’s a good story. I hope at least 1 person has 2 minutes to read this. Today I went to Advance Auto Parts, where I originally bought the scanner and they let me try the 2 Actron scanners they were currently using. One looked beat up and old, but the other was just out of the box and looked top-of-the-line I was very depressed. I went to the Ford dealer next door, I had about an hour to kill before work.

I went to the service department, and asked him if they took walk-ins. The service manager asked me what the problem was and I told him. They took my truck right in, and after about 20 min. It was the exact same model Actron scanner that I had. I couldn’t believe it. It was a newer model certainly not brand new though and it had 2 more pins on the connector than mine, 9 opposed to 7. The mechanic asked me if I wanted to buy it from him What!

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In general, OBD II regulations require more control of vehicle emissions and more precise monitoring of emission-related devices. Technicians at independent garages must be able to access the OBD II system without the use of proprietary tools available only to dealers. The technology required to develop this new program was outside CARB’s field of expertise, so they enlisted the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE to establish the recommended practices.

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They had a new vehicle registration method that always recognizes your vehicle each time you visit. Supposed to shorten the check in time I guess. They have to plug into your OBD2 port and mine has the edge programmer attached to it. The car will stall at slow speeds and while in reverse. I’m getting OBD2 codes of p 0 3 5 2 and P I have replaced both quad coil packs along with spark plug wi Went to leave again and it was very hard to start and ran very rough when it did.

Hooked up a scanner and got a P code. Pulled the coil, not COP but type 2 , and found a few small cracks. Help with p code f Hi, I have a f and I need to get my emissions tested, for that they hook it up to the computer through the obd2 port. I have a SCT tuner and a custom tune for the truck that I removed and set it back to stock this last Saturday, well when I tried to have it tested I was rejected saying none P on ford F53 V10 -airstream mh not starting Hello, I have an airstream motorhome with a ford f53 chassis and the engine will not start.

OEM Bed Extender Install Write-Up

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I ran into a couple questions and emailed Total Car Diagnostics support. Alex was quick to respond and very helpful.

OBD II, “CHECK-ENGINE” LIGHTS, and READINESS ARE THEY? OBD II is a system that has been installed in most and later cars and light trucks, intended to inform the driver of problems in the components that control the engine and transmission.

What are you going to do? Ignore it and hope it’s not anything that will either strand you, or cause damage if you keep driving? Leave the remote area you invested so much time and money to get to and waste precious vacation time to drive miles to the nearest town that might have a Toyota dealer? Risk some unknown mechanic introducing additional problems into your vehicle while trying the fix the original problem? I faced this dilemma on a recent mile trip out west, but fortunately, happened to have the right tool to solve the dilemma.

First, a little bit of information about the engine management computer systems used on late model vehicles. The mandate came about due to several concerns. First, the proliferation of non-standard, proprietary engine management computer systems would result extreme difficulty for anyone, other than the original manufacturer dealerships, to be able to troubleshoot and make repairs.

Second, with the increasing complexity of these closed loop systems, it could become very difficult to diagnose and repair problems causing out of compliance emissions. Therefore the primary objective of the OBDII standards were for the systems to be able to self diagnose failures, and standardize the overall design and error codes produced so anyone with the proper training, documentation and equipment would be able repair one of these systems.

7 Best Bluetooth OBD2 Adapters and Scanners For 2017

Here at BatteryStuff, we’re big on charging batteries and maintaining them. A hot topic around here revolves around proper restoration and storage of lead acid batteries. If you’re not already familiar, lead acid batteries such as your car battery, motorcycle battery, RV battery, or even marine battery use electrolyte as the catalyst that produces electricity.

Jun 25,  · OBD Codes Forum Other OBD-II PP Powertrain Codes [Archive] Buick LeSabre Custom Series II P Forum rules If the fuel pump still works albeit low pressure then u can just hook up a line and jumper the relay or pump with battery power and use the fuel pump to pump the fuel into a container! Top. DisabledVet

Notes Check engine light on? Checking for any codes is the first step is diagnosing problems and so everyone should know how to do this. It’s simple and will only take you a few minutes. Please do not contact me regarding a specific code you have. The only thing I can tell you is to follow the diagnostic procedure in the repair manual , or you can search on the forums listed on the links page.

This system is what I will cover here. They’re not cheap but they can provide many more codes and this makes diagnosis easier. All you need to do is plug the scan tool into the diagnostic port and it displays any codes. For checking transmission codes the OD switch must in on pushed in. You can also connect these terminals using the check connector located in the engine bay. For engine and transmission codes you place the jumper wire in Te1 and E1.

The diagnostic code is read by counting the number of blinks on the appropriate light.

How to Use an OBD-II Scan Tool

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