Mysterious Jade Artifact May Have Been Offering to Ancient Gods

Jadeite nodule, top height – 8. Jadeite height – 6. The artist has used the natural coloration of the original jadeite boulder masterfully. The colors depicted are emerald green, white and gray-black. The relief work is well rendered with a high degree of polish which is the result of the application of chamois or deer skin repeatedly on to the surface. Jadeite width – 2. Pyroxene jade consists wholly or largely of microcrystalline, typically blocklike grains of jadeite. The size and arrangement of the grains appears to account for the unusual toughness of this jade and also its relatively common grainy or dimpled appearance, which is evident when fractured surfaces are viewed with a handlens or simple microscope. Some jadeitic jade — e.

What is Jade?

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Sources of Jadeite Known sources of jadeite world-wide are relatively limited. The most important sources are located in Burma, Guatemala, Japan, and Kazakhstan. Jadeite axes have also been found to the north in Switzerland, dating to somewhere between BC and BC. Several jadeite axes have been found in Moravia. Schmidt and Stecl.

March 9, Photo courtesy Professor Carl Wendt A mysterious corncob-shaped artifact, dating to somewhere between B. Made of jadeite , a material that is harder than steel, the artifact has designs on it that are difficult to put into words. It contains rectangular shapes, engraved lines and a cone that looks like it is emerging from the top. It looks like a corncob in an abstract way archaeologists say. It’s an “extraordinary and unusual archaeological specimen made of mottled brown-and-white jadeite,” the team wrote in an article published recently in the journal Ancient Mesoamerica.

The artifact dates to a time when a civilization now called the Olmec flourished in the area. The Olmec people built stone statues of giant human heads and constructed a city now called “La Venta” about 10 miles 16 kilometers northeast of Arroyo Pesquero. The city, which may have supported some 10, people, contained a foot-high 34 m pyramid. The Olmec were an early civilization in Mesoamerica, who built a foot-tall pyramid, developed a writing system which is undeciphered and built giant stone heads.

The artifact, which measures 8. Corn, along with beans and squash, was an important part of the diet for people in ancient Mesoamerica.

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President Barack Obama has lifted some of the sanctions against Myanmar during his presidency, but a few remain, including the ban on the import of jadeite. Though the terms jade and jadeite often are used interchangeably, jade is actually a broader term for two different minerals, jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is the more expensive, finer material, and it is specifically jadeite that the ban mentions.

For many, this has meant either entering the estate and vintage jewelry market to find old pieces of jadeite already in the country or working from an inventory that they built up before the ban was enacted. Meanwhile, the prices for fine jadeite of all colors have all been moving in the same direction–upward, without much chance of slowing unless something changes in supply soon. The supply side As far as sources of fine jadeite go, Myanmar is pretty much it.

Though there are a few other countries mining it, the material coming from elsewhere rarely is gem material that can be used in fine jewelry, leaving few options for jadeite suppliers. Their location in San Francisco actually gives them an advantage, since the city has a strong history of dealing in jade, he said.

The Origin of Jade in China

Jewelry, ornaments, tools, weapons, gemstones. Jadeite, Nephrite, and Science Jadeite and nephrite have distinctly different mineral compositions. Jadeite is an aluminum-rich pyroxene, while nephrite is a magnesium-rich amphibole. However, the two minerals have very similar physical properties in the eye of the average person. Only trained observers with significant experience are able to reliably differentiate them without mineral testing equipment.

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Through weathering or erosion, such pieces are split from the main body of rock in which they formed, resulting in large boulders or small pebbles of jade washed down in rivers. In China, river boulders and pebbles of nephrite were collected under the strict control of officials from the imperial courts due to its limited supply and value. Excavated carved nephritic hard stone ornaments and ceremonial tools from the Hongshan and Liangzhu cultures dating 4th millennium B.

Most of the nephrite carved in China however, comes from Eastern Turkestan, the regions of Khotan and Yarkand. The process of removing deposits of jade from the main bulk of rock requires a high level of expertise and technical ability. Before the Qing Dynasty large pieces of jade were therefore very rare. Furthermore, in the reign of Qianlong , greater control over the western regions of Xinjiang provided more sources of spinach green and white jade. As such, intricately carved decorative pieces of large-sized spinach green and white jade were produced and highly prized during his reign.

Nephrite originating from the Hotan or Hetian areas of the Xinjiang region was described, during the Qing dynasty, as providing particularly top quality jades of pure white, spinach green, yellow or red. Other rivers were also famous for other types and colours of nephrite. Unlike nephrite, which was predominantly sourced within China, jadeite was chiefly imported from Burma present day Myanmar.


By David Moncrief Jade jewelry and objects d’art are highly collectible and in most cases carry a hefty price tag. To understand the types of jade and the values associated with each, one needs to know some basic facts. Jade comes in many more colors than just green.

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The term ‘jade’ was derived from ‘Piedra de Ijada’, a Spanish phrase meaning ‘stone for the pain in the side’ because Spanish explorers saw natives of Central America holding pieces of jade to their sides, believing that it could cure ills. The name ‘nephrite’ was derived from the Greek word for ‘kidney’, which refers to its supposed ability to cure kidney disease. Nephrite is one of two distinct mineral forms classified as jade the other is jadeite and up until , nephrite was believed to be one and the same as jadeite.

One of the most important sources for fine nephrite jade is New Zealand where it is commonly found in serpentine rocks, and as rounded pebbles along riverbanks and seashores Nephrite jade is mostly found in a variety of green colors, but it can also occur white to gray, yellowish to brownish, near-black and other colors. Most stones will have some yellowish tint. Stones are often multicolored and may exhibit some mottling. Unicolored stones are quite rare.

Nephrite jade with deep and solid green color is considered to be the most valuable.


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Identifying Jade: Nephrite or Jadeite? • The surface of jadeite tends to be vitreous or glassy. (20″ x 11″) in a wire inlaid frame depicting a profusely carved dragon dating to the late qing dynasty. I did see a set of four plaques (seasons) sold at Christies ‘EXCEPTIONAL SALE’ 13 april LOT # .

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