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Kristin Lehman Synopsis At Holder’s apartment, Linden says the person who put the drawing on her motel refrigerator “knows things about me. Outside, Roberta Drays watches the apartment from her car. The next morning, Holder cooks breakfast burritos. Linden peruses a book Holder has about monarch butterflies and discovers the existence of a butterfly migration observation site within the Wapi Indian Reservation. A police tech calls Linden to report that a buzzing noise heard in Rosie’s voicemail is likely the cooling fan of a diesel generator commonly used by construction companies. Linden asks Holder to track down any business records between Michael Ames’ construction company and the Wapi casino.

The Killing Episode 2.07 Keylela

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Full Recap Linden visits the abandoned factory where Ashley Kwon’s body was found. Later that night, Linden drops by police headquarters to return Ashley’s file to Holder. She reluctantly discusses the case with him and suggests that the murder isn’t the killer’s first. Holder notes the killer took Ashley’s rings and broke her finger in the process, then asks if Seward took “trophies” as well.

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And TV critics like me, or other viewers who are enthralled with the promise of the series, counsel patience: I no longer counsel patience with The Killing! You may unlock the toolshed and get the pitchforks! Last night, The Killing ended its first season with a stunningly contemptuous psych-out of its audience. So let me suggest some creative rebranding: They could change the title from The Killing to Nope!

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Contributor ‘The Killing’ Recap: Linden And Holder Are Reunited This week’s picked up where last week left off, with Linden waiting at the crime scene for the cops to arrive. Although Holder accuses her of trying to steal his case, it’s obvious he always intended to lure Linden back to detective work. Although Holder accuses her of trying to steal his case, it’s obvious he always intended to lure Linden back to detective work when he tells her, “Looks like you found the Seward file.

With 17 sets of remains on their hands, Skinner tasks his officers into looking for an active serial killer, whom he acknowledges has major anger issues. He wants his officers and detectives to wrap up the case quickly, and he specifically reminds Linden that she needs to focus on the present investigation and not on a case from three years ago.

Sure, having Seward days away from execution and not wanting to give him a reason to appeal is a compelling reason to not connect Trisha Seward’s murder with the other 17 bodies, but it seems to me that Skinner is a tad too insistent on denying the similarities. While Linden goes searching for Bullet, so do Holder and Reddick, but they manage to find our favorite runaway. Poor Bullet is bruised and beat up from her confrontation with Goldie, but she refuses to complain about her assault.

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I have a new favorite place in the entire planet, and you are invited to come party with me there. I promise not to be too shady and creepy while I gently fondle my new wallpaper and grope the chandelier. I know, I know — shut up and show the pictures! These are the little plans you and I made together in this post: There are no words for how happy and thankful I am for this teensy little slice of ultra-feminine heaven.

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Do not read if you have not watched The Killing season finale. After 12 episodes of twists and turns, the ruthless serial killer who targeted young teens living on the streets of Seattle was unmasked: Lieutenant James Skinner Elias Koteas. For star Mireille Enos, the killer’s reveal came in the days leading up to filming of the season closer. Season 3 Killer Revealed Linden’s discovery of Skinner’s connection to the deaths of teen girls was the straw that broke the camel’s back, with Linden shooting and killing Skinner in the dead of night.

So where does Linden go from here? In a chat with THR, Enos discusses Sunday’s killer reveal, her thoughts on Linden’s move and what a hypothetical season four could entail.

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Podcast: We’re Digging Heard something in the “We’re Digging” segment of our podcast but can’t quite remember which episode it was? Well, you’re not alone (heck, we can’t even keep all of the episodes straight) so to make it easier we’ve rounded them all up in one big master list for ya.

Aug 8, at 2: Netflix Jonathan Demme The Silence of the Lambs , Philadelphia directs the finale of the series finale of The Killing , which ties up all lose ends with the and leaves us with a shockingly upbeat ending. After Kyle escaped from AJ Fielder and Lincoln Knopf in the middle of the night, he tracks down Linden and hides out at her house where no one from St.

Meanwhile, Linden and Holder are finally granted a warrant to search St. Saying goodbye to Linden: She accuses Holder of keeping the missing shell casing from when she shot Skinner as collateral to save his own ass. Richmond has a falsified police report drawn up that states, after killing his last victim, Skinner committed suicide at his lake house. The show then flashes forward a few years, and we see Holder and his adorable daughter as he walks her to the bus stop to send her off to preschool.

Aww, Linden and Holder forevs! One complaint seen within the blogosphere about the series is that there are too many unnecessary dead ends surrounding cases that dragged on for two or three episodes at a time.

‘The Killing’ Recap: Linden And Holder Are Reunited

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Holder & Linden

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