This high output top of the line tanning bed is loaded with more features and offers more tanning power than any other bed in the industry. It features four different levels of facial tanning intensity to customize to your skin tone and adjusts as your tan progresses. With all this tanning power surrounding you, the engineers have specifically designed misters and cooling units that that cool you as your body temperature rises, keeping you comfortable and relaxed. If you prefer to listen to music as you become beautifully bronzed, you will enjoy the high performance speakers with amplified surround sound. Matrix L33 Thirty-three high-pressure UVA lamps for a uniform and simultaneous all-round effect over the whole body, without the user needing to turn over. A simple command console allows users to set tanning time, to vary the desired amount of ventilation and to listen to their favourite music. Its uniform emission from tanning lamps arranged all round the body permits the perfect distribution of radiations, halving session times and fully respecting the skin. Matrix offers the most advanced technology for tanning, absolutely innovative, reliable and practical. Safety is guaranteed by electronic monitoring of absence of damage to filters, operating temperature and ventilation. Surrounded by light of the tanning lamps, space, air and energy can be felt almost physically, with every part of the body bathed by the light of the enormous tanning power of this exceptional solarium.

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Returns are difficult at best, and impossible if the unit has been opened. If you are ready to purchase, scroll down and buy them at the bottom of the page. Now a more detailed explanation of these transformers for electricians and salon owners Many tanning beds with 36 or more lamps now connect to power using 3 Phase, V distribution systems.

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How to Hook up a Tanning Bed Outlet

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Used (normal wear), Commercial MegaSun bronzer bed, less than hours on the bulbs. v & 30 amp! Comes with the stuff to hook up in your home. Also comes with self time, great condition & hate to sell it!. Make an offer!

The T-Max connector is wired into the tanning bed between the bed and the electrical outlet so the bed will turn off when the timer is complete or remotely shut off. This allows a bed to be run in a commercial tanning salon that sells tanning packages based on time in the bed. For home use, you may wish to remove the T-Max timer and use a direct plug instead.

A volt outlet may be required by your tanning bed check the specifications , and once you remove the T-Max timer you will need a direct cord to the outlet. Does this Spark an idea? Unplug the tanning bed. Disconnect the T-Max connector from the tanning bed. There will be screw terminals on the back of the T-Max connector connected to wires that lead into the tanning bed. Unscrew the T-Max terminals and follow the wire to the tanning bed.

Main Breaker Panel | 220 Volt & 110 Volt Metal Electric Panel

Application[ edit ] Buck-boost transformers may be used for electrical equipment where the amount of buck or boost is fixed. Units are rated in volt-amperes most commonly, kilo-volt amperes KVA or more rarely, amperes and are rated for a percent of voltage drop or rise. Frequency[ edit ] All transformers operate only with alternating current.

Transformers change only voltage and current, not frequency.

Free week of sunbed tanning or Free sunless session. Text Coupon Print Coupon Email Coupon New customers only. Some restrictions apply.

ProSun Onyx 32 SLi intensive W ProSun Onyx Tanning Bed Proving once again that powerful performance can be found in small packages, the ProSun Onyx is an entry level tanning bed that delivers commercial-grade tans in a compact, easy-to-accommodate size. At just inches long and The Onyx features a large, comfortable tanning surface and has visual appeal and proven tanning power equal to or surpassing any other light commercial unit on the market.

The Onyx is all about options Multiple available models make it possible to choose the bed that works best for you. The many standard lamp configurations suit any setting or clientele. The addition of watt canopy lamps in the Onyx 32 Sli Intensive increases intensity and enhances bronzing effects.

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Tanning booths do not provide the same spectrum of ultra violet light that the sun does, and unfortunately, the part that’s missing is the part the body needs to produce the cancer fighting chemicals. After all, the human animal evolved in a sun drenched environment; it’s a bit far fetched to think that we wouldn’t have developed some defense in that time. Stiletto25 January 13, I’ve never tanned. Luckily I don’t have a pasty skintone.

Its kind of a medium skintone, I don’t blind people in the sun but its very obvious I’m a white person. Some clubs do have managers that want really tan girls.

Find glow tanning in Surrounding Red Hook, NY on Yellowbook. Get reviews and contact details for each business including videos, opening hours and more.

A big part of the problem is the intensity of tanning beds that shower their visitors with UVA rays 12 times stronger than the sun’s. A common misconception lingering from the past is that UVB rays are the only carcinogenic variety and that these UVA rays are safer. But this has since been proven inaccurate and even before symptoms as serious as cancer, the rays can cause considerable premature ageing.

In a survey last month, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, found that among teens and young adults, these warnings fall on deaf ears. Of those who confessed to having used a tanning bed in a poll taken by the prestigious facility, a surprising 59per cent said they agreed with the statement: Patricia Krentcil, 44, branded by the media as ‘tanning mom’ brought the discussion of indoor tanning into the spotlight Dr Lin concurred: Part of it is awareness, but many are succumbing to peer influence.

In May, tanning beds made headlines thanks to New Jersey mother, Patricia Krentcil who was arrested after teachers at her daughter’s school noticed the five-year-old appeared sunburned.

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Fire Pit Hour Clubhouse Enjoy 24 hour access to the clubhouse located in the center of the property that includes all of the latest amenities: Incredible Views Incredible views right outside your door! If you would like to take a tour you can also take the teal teal route to get to our community! Fitness Center The state-of-the-art fitness center has all of the modern cardio and weight machines to keep you in your best shape.

Tanning Beds Stay tan all year long by using one of the stand-up tanning booths. Entertainment Room Want to watch your favorite sports game on T.

I need to hook up a tanning bed in a home, it is a v 15 amp bed, as far as my knowledge goes, household – Answered by a verified Home Improvement Expert We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

If the tanning bed is wired for can it be changed to ? No, as a general rule. Your writer worked for UL one summer during college and came to understand firsthand why certification by a testing service is essential. Whenever I buy a plug-in electrical appliance, my personal rule is that it must have the UL mark or label on it. What is worse for you tanning in a tanning bed or in the sun? This question has really several different parts to it.

Precise power a must for Tanning beds

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